Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Episode 007 – Multiplayer Part One

Hello everyone! Hope this episode will find you well. Hope also you enjoyed the little callback to the pilot :) I've come up with a few of those little cold opening things lines up for the next few episodes.

You can find this episode on BOTH feeds at iTunes and the Zune Marketplace (NOTE: THE EPISODES ON THE OLD FEEDS HAVE A BRIEF MESSAGE AT THE START THAT THE NEW FEEDS DO NOT HAVE. USE THIS TO TELL THEM APART) and you can direct download them from the toolbar on the right or by following this link. This will be the final episode to air on the old Switchpod feeds before we convert entirely to the new CyberEars feed.

This episode is part one of a two part series examining what "multiplayer" means to different people in Lord of the Rings Online. We catch up with Swifty from Arkenstone and discuss some of the more social-oriented aspects of LOTRO. In the next episode in the series (scheduled for late May) we will take a look at a raiding kin to get some different perspectives on the subject.

In this episode, we also take a close look at the goings on in the real world. Turbine has been very active for the 2nd Birthday for LOTRO. They have released a lot of interesting tidbits that you can read about here.

Over on the Arkenstone observer, some players are trying to set up an all-captain Turtle raid. Get some more information here.

The Middle-Earth Revue will be holding it’s Spring (and first ever) concert next Thursday, May 7th. For more details, follow this link.

To read the new issue of the Arkenstone Observer, click here. To see some of the other works by Swifty, check out this link.

Don’t forget to submit your questions for the Berephon interview! Submissions are due by Midnight PST, April 30th.


  1. Another great episode! Thanks for actually dealing with issues that are facing the community. I personally keep away from the General forums because of all the unnecessary drama.

    And, by the by, Dol Guldur is pronounced "dull ghoul-durr" ;)

    Just helping a brotha out.

  2. Hehe. Yeah, I know. I pronounce it "Row-han," too.