Monday, June 22, 2009

As Promised...A Delay

Hey, all! I am writing this at about 9:30 PM...I just finished work for the day. Like I said, the summer time is the most busy for me. I am in the middle of week of 17+ hour workdays and LOTRO, sadly, is the last thing on my mind (this is the first time I have been at my computer for 2 weeks). I am pushing back the episode one week so I can get caught up on all the news (it seems we have a book to play with!). I would rather delay a week and release something of quality than get something out next week.

Bear with us! We'll be back to our regular schedule soon!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Episode 010 - Interlude Shownotes

Hello, everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying the Summer air.

In this episode, we introduce Alberos of the Arkenstone server as a cohost. Let me know what you think of our little Dynamic Duo.

To find out more about what Book 8 has in store for crafters, check out this Dev Diary.

Make sure you check out the LOTROCast YouTube channel...subscribe to keep up to date with hour VideoCasts and suppliments.

If you are on Arkenstone, make sure you head over to the Arkenstone Alliance and check out this new website.

Hope everyone has a great few weeks. We'll see you in July!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Scavenger Hunt on Arkenstone!

Thonos, leader of the Wizards of Old is putting on a Scavenger Hunt on Arkenstone to celebrate the kin's anniversary on Monday, June 15th. There will be prizes for the winners: 1st is 1g, 2nd is 500s, 3rd is 250s, 4th is 125s, and 5th is 50s. If you are on Arkenstone, keep your dial tuned to the /glff for more information as the date approaches or contact Thonos if you have any questions.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

LOTRO Promo on YouTube

Hey, all!

I put together a little 50 second promo for LOTROCast on YouTube. You can find it here, on the new LOTROCast channel. Subscribe to the channel and keep up to date on the latest videocasts (hint hint) that may be appearing mysteriously in the near future. Also, feel free to pass on the link to friends who may be interested!

See you in Middle-Earth,


Monday, June 1, 2009

Episode 009 Multiplayer, Part II of III Shownotes

Sorry for the delay in this episode (and the shownotes...)

In Episode 009, we take a look at a middle-range kinship that mixes casual and hardcore elements. We also revisit the LOTRO Workbench and introduce a new segment.

Announcing Middle-Earth through My Eyes

Have you ever experienced something in-game that made you stop afterwards and go..."Wow!" If so, I want to hear about it! Record yourself talking about it in an audio clip no longer than 3 mintes and send it to Do not include any music and make sure the last words you say are "And that's Middle-Earth through my eyes." Understand if I don't include your submission it is absolutely nothing personal :-).

The Lonely Mountain Band is promising a good time at Weatherstock this Friday, June 5th. Make sure you head over to Landroval and check it out! If you want more info, take a look here.

Also, make sure you take a look at the Book 8 PRELIMENARY patch notes.

In the next episode we will be finishing the series and meeting with a more 'hardcore' kinship member. See you in a week!