Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Episode 010 - Interlude Shownotes

Hello, everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying the Summer air.

In this episode, we introduce Alberos of the Arkenstone server as a cohost. Let me know what you think of our little Dynamic Duo.

To find out more about what Book 8 has in store for crafters, check out this Dev Diary.

Make sure you check out the LOTROCast YouTube channel...subscribe to keep up to date with hour VideoCasts and suppliments.

If you are on Arkenstone, make sure you head over to the Arkenstone Alliance and check out this new website.

Hope everyone has a great few weeks. We'll see you in July!


  1. As always, the content is wonderful. I really enjoy your shows. However, with this show there were some audio problems. I heard a lot of white noise and echoing that made the podcast very difficult to listen to.

  2. Yes, yes, I love to cook as well! I too find it very relaxing and prefer to do so at the end of a long instance run, etc.

    Nice episode, I love the cohost thing. I recommend making it permanent, even if it's not the same person every week. I think people playing off each other are a lot more interesting to listen to than one just talking. Not that your traditional format hasn't been fun, but a there's a reason it's called it a "dynamic duo".

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    Michelle, the reason for the white noise is that we recorded over some internet programs. We are aware of the noise (believe me, when I have to release something that isn't quite right, it bugs the heck out of me). We're working on ways to improve the whole thing.

    The cohost experiment seemed to work well, so look for more in the near future!