Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Episode 14 – Siege of Mirkwood Update

Hey there! So…imagine my surprise when I check the LOTRO website real quick on my way out the door Tuesday morning after we had recorded a solid show the night before only to find that Turbine had opened up some of the news floodgates (perfectly timed for non-inclusion in Episode 13). Alberos and I decided the best course of action was to make a mini-cast and cover the info that came out. So here you have it: Episode 14, a Siege of Mirkwood Mini-Cast.

You can see Turbine’s official announcements on the release date and pricing plans for Siege of Mirkwood here.

You can check out the three dev diaries we covered by following there links: mounts, shared vault space, and skirmishes.

Enjoy and see you in two weeks!


  1. For some reason your episodes are not showing up on your podcast feed; therefore they're not populating in iTunes either.

  2. Hrmm...thanks for letting me know. I'll figure out what's going on.