Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Episode 13 – The Lone Lands Shownotes

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to LOTROCast: The Lord of the Rings Online Podcast! A quick note before I move into the rest of the shownotes…due to the fact that we recorded episode 13 on Monday, there really was no news to report. Little did we know that the very next day, Turbine would dump a huge amount of information on us. In response, we recorded a short mini-cast to cover the news from Tuesday. That mini-cast is Episode 14, and is also available right now.

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Check out the Dragon Snacks’ list of games to play in LOTRO…there’s really something for everyone.

Check out the adventures of Pobo, one BAAAAD hobbit, by following this link.

There are a LOT of changes happening in the Lone Lands in the near future. Check out what Orion, one of the developers for the LOTRO team, has to say about the revamping on this area in his blog. WARNING….be prepared to read A LOT of text if you want to get all the way caught up. The blog entries we discussed start here.

Make sure you check out Episode 14 of LOTROCast, also available today, to find out about some of the details coming in Siege of Mirkwood.


  1. ou mentioned wanting to see 12 Captains/Loremasters in a skirmish together so you could see 36 players, pets, and skirmish soldiers.
    Well I have a way for you to get your fix ealry.
    On October 30th and 31st Landroval is hosting the Oatbreakers RP event which will take place in the Ettenmoors and features an army of Oathbreaker Captains with Oathbreaker pets storming the Moors to face an infestaion of spiders. People from all servers are invited and encouraged to roll spiders for the event.

    You can find more information and an entire RP backstory for the event in the Landroval PvMP forums.

    Just thought you'd like to know.
    -Ugmog of Landroval