Sunday, May 30, 2010

Episode 27 Contest Time

Hey all-

In this episode we:

Cover the LOTRO news including:
The Welcome Back Weekend (
Argab the Featured Player ( )
Tell the Community about Burglars ( )
Irritated by Lore Lawyers (see the post below)
New LOTRO Podcast: The Green Dragon Inn ( )

We'll discuss what I've been doing in game, including my run through Fire & Ice (1.5.8) here for the pics ( )

The Heart of the Show will focus on the Rift Skirmish and our Contest. Special thanks to Leesah of DDOCocktail Hour ( ) for donating the prize: A signed copy of the Shadows of Angmar Collectors Edition!

Rules for the Contest are as follows:
1) Write a back-story for your character
2) Make the back-story lore compliant and reasonable (you can't be the fifth wizard or Thorin's best friend)
3) Send your character's back-story to by June 15, 2010

Keep in mind that length does not equal quality. If it's too long and I can't finish won't win.

Winners will be announced on the June 22 episode!

Then we wrapup with listener feedback.

Hope you enjoy the show!


  1. Is there a size limitation for the background stories?

  2. I'd stress quality over quantity. My gut says 1-2 pages is probably the right length, but I'd prefer a high qualiy back story over an arbitary page limit.

  3. Thank you so much for doing this podcast! I've listened to quite a few others, and they are completely without content that a serious LOTRO player can use. They seem to hide the fact that the hosts have little hard core experience with the game by claiming to be 'community focused' podcasts, then you find the host has been playing for only about 12 months and came over from WoW, continuing to compare LOTRO to WoW all the time. Your podcast is a breath of fresh air and great content! Keep it up!

  4. First of all I just have to say I agree with the above poster, and most of all say that as one that has been following since Moormur was doing solo I think you have done a great job at taking over :)

    Then a question - I am really excited about the contest as I already got a backstory for my character written a while ago, but I was wondering if Europeans are allowed to enter? I know you are based in the US and such, so..


  5. Thank you both for the kind words. I really enjoy doing the podcast and am glad you guys are enjoying it.

    As for the contest, I can't think of any reasons Europeans can't enter. I don't know if the US version of the game is supported in Europe (I haven't rolled a Computer Tech alt yet), but the "collectors" part of it would still apply.

  6. Another thumbs up to the above anonymous posts.... I just finished listening to an episode of "The Lotro Reporter".... OMG, what a load of fluff, patting each other on the backs, and no content, skillz or any take home value. I think there are too many podcasters out there that do this for some narcissistic reasons - not because they have any info to offer, but they just want to think that people want to hear them talk. its blogging without content. Thank god LotroCast is nothing like that.

  7. Thank you so much for doing a LOTRO podcast! Another great episode. You have inspired me to spend more time playing my level 60 mini. I still split my time between LOTRO, Dragon Age: Origins, Eschalon Book II, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Supreme Commander 2 and playing with my MacBook Pro. Thanks again!

  8. Hey there, I enjoyed the show! Just wanted to let you know I tried to submit a backstory for the contest, but got a "Mail Delivery Failed" message claims you don't exist. :-( Hopefully that's just temporary and your existence will soon no longer be questionable.

  9. Having the same gmail e-mail bouncing. Looks like you need a new gmail account or something.

    Any other way to post our back stories?

  10. Hey everyone....thanks for giving me the heads up on the emial account. Apparently what ever is going on is also affecting my access to the blog. I'm looking into it and will keep you posted.


  11. BTW- LOTRO Goes free-to-play this fall!

    Look for a new show later today or first thing tomorrow regarding the big news as well as on the email/website issues.


  12. Hey all-

    Good news and bad news. First the bad news....I can't access the lotrocast@gmail or lotrocast blog account. I'll go into more details in tonights podcast.

    The good news is that I have setup a new home and new email address. You can email me at and our new site can be found at and

    Hope you will follow me to our new home.


  13. Is there any other contest like this happening soon?

  14. I love going in to these contest. I really love to have some competition.

  15. Hey,

    Just wondering if your podcast feed on feedburner changed? I noticed on the LOTRO Combo Blog that that feed is no longer working.


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