Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Episode 26 - Carn Dum

Hey all-

The heart of this episode will focus on the Carn Dum instance. Below are some of the other links I mentioned during the show:

Elrond is the Red Skull

Szarwyn is the Featured Player

MMO Land Size

Radiance/Gloom/Hope/Dread (special thanks to Ivaneus for the link)

Thanks also to Elahndria and Shipwreck for the lessons in Sindarin. I hope to butcher the beautiful elven language much less in the future.

Linnet's Lore where there are more details about the May 15th Bloggers Gathering

Also check out Cobrette's back stories at

Special Thanks to Lessah at the DDO Cocktail Hour for her donation of a autographed LOTRO Collector's Edition. Check out the DDO Cocktail Hour at:

I hope you enjoy the episode. Leave some comments in reply to the show and don't forget to vote in our poll.



  1. You Totally killed Lessah name it is "Less A"
    Not Lisa :)

  2. Sigh....thought my elvish was I can't even get names right.

    My apologies to Leesah.


  3. Great Show, Alberos, Look forward to every episode... The part on Carn Dum makes me want to go back and do the dungeon, i never got a chance to do it back in the day!

  4. Would be nice to measure the 'real' size of LoTRO's world. I guess that would be possible using the google maps version of the map? Because I don't think that the presented number is accurate by any means. At best it's the size of a square that would fit the world, which is quite a bit different than the actual land mass since the world is sort of diagonal?

    Still, LoTRO is probably among the largest ones nevertheless :).

  5. I'm about half-way through this podcast (I listen in my car during my 10-minute commutes). As always, I'm struck by the amount of pre-show prep you do. It really pays off in your podcast, every time. Very impressive. Keep up the great work!

    I'm loving the description of Carn Dum - I haven't pushed my main over 32 yet [altaholic, and I switched servers from Firefoot (too quiet) to Brandywine (not interesting enough) to Landroval], but your walk-through has me looking forward to doing some higher instances.

  6. I like the CD guide! The old endgame stuff is still (2 years later) a bit alien to me so this helps. I've run CD and Urugarth in the past but managed to get around it with my Burglar (Coster).

    You should tackle Goblin-town next. It's a fun spot but very confusing (as we all know, goblins can dig but they aren't brilliant architects like dwarves).

    Also, I like the idea of doing backstories for characters as a part of the contest. This is mainly so because I have fairly thoughtful backstories for all of my characters, some of which I have posted on My.LotRO.


  7. Really love your blogs, how often are they out?

    Cant wait to do Carn Dum and this was very helpful for when i get round to it. (need that slime, squid boy!)

    How about for your next instance run being in Annuminas. Im at lvl 49 atm and am just doing vol 1 book 5 and am loving it and will soon be trying the instance (if i can get a group, will have to be pug as iv not got a kin). By the looks of some pic posts in the US forums the instance has some of the best cosmetic gear as well.

    One thing that I would love to see is for us EU players to get some loving, with access to my LOTRO and some of the other cool things (lottery) that US players get and more blue name action (just let use one the US forums :) )

    Id say on the WB side of things, WB + more $ for Trube = OMG LOTRO! :) Hopfuly we will get some proper advertising going on now.

    Finlay id go for doing background stories atm my main (cap) has a longish back story.

  8. Just finished listening to your podcast for the first time. Very enjoyable! I've been playing for 2 years and it's nice to get a fresh perspective on the game.

    One note - I think in your podcast you talked about not aggroing the mobs if you had been higher level. While this is true in the landscape it is not true in closed instances. Mobs will always aggro on you in an instance regardless of your level. The only exception is a public instance, like Haudh Iwhateveritscalled, where it's an instance but other people not in your fellow can be in there with you.

  9. So I was intrigued by this and decided to hit up two instances that were close by. the first was the troll cave east of Thorenhad in the Trollshaws. In that cave my lvl 65 LM could walk up to a Troll and insult his mother without pulling aggro. However, in the great barrows creatures were more sensitive to my insults and I was jumped by a rather large spider. I wonder if the Thorenhad instance is viewed as a world instance? Anyway good catch.