Thursday, April 29, 2010

Episode 25 Bugs Bunny Moves Into Bag End

Hey all-

In this episode we cover the following:

Saying Good-Bye to WoWCast
Corrections to last episode's Radiance Gear Discussion
Turbine News about the 3rd Anniversary

The Heart of the Show will take a look at Warner Brother's recent acquisition of Turbine and LOTRO (See the blog entry below for a link to the press release).

Give it a listen and then leave a reply to the show notes regarding what you think the acquisition will mean. Also place a vote in this episode's poll.

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  1. the podcast doesn't seem to be available on zune marketplace anymore... might be the feed URL :(

  2. Hope counters Gloom, Radiance does NOT counter Gloom. So if you enter an area with _Gloom_ you will experience negative effects unless you have a consumable or buff that provides _Hope_ specifically. Doesn't matter how much Radiance you have.

  3. Im Hoping with Warner Brothers being part of the team now, we will see some things in game from the Hobbit and/or the The Silmarillion. Oh and the H in my name is silent :P thanks for the show!

  4. Love the podcasts and thanks for the work you put in to produce them. This episode just saved me from "Britain's Got Talent". Your thoughts on the WB take over was very interesting, I to am hoping for a golden age for LOTRO. Love the LOREcasts they have inspired me to go back and read the Hobbitt.

  5. Great job as always, Alberos!

    You mentioned not being good with the Elvish pronunciation, so here are some tips to help you out.

    The 'dh' in Sindarin (as in "Galadhrim" or "Edhellond") is a blend, so that it comes out sounding like the 'th' (/ð/) sound in English (as in "bath" or "throw").

    'Ch' (as in "Forochel" or "Echad") is the hard /k/ sound. Think of how it's used in Gaelic, like 'Loch Ness'.

    And 'au' (as in "Rauros") is pronounced 'ow', like 'mouse'.

    Hope that helps!

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  7. Forgot my other post I found a good explanation :). Although I still didn't find the original patch notes with the Radiance/Gloom/Hope/Dread change :(

    Anyway check this out:

    Hopefully that explains everything about Radiance/Hope/Dread/Gloom post Mirkwood!

    And keep up the great show!

  8. Just discovered the podcast a few weeks back and have been enjoying it a great deal!!! Keep up the great work!!!
    I really liked your comparision of other MMO companies that have been bought out by bigger companies. You made some excellent, factual points on what has happened and presented a good hypothesis on what might happen with WB buying out Turbine.
    I am trying to remain hopeful!!!


  9. WB=Harry Potter=Turbine=Harry Potter online. I think this is less about lord of the rings online and more about warner brothers and harry potter

  10. Hopefully any major talent would be diverted from AC or DDO, rather than LotRO.

  11. I think the purchase of Turbine by WB will help make LoTRO/DDO better. It opens up all the lore for turbine to play with and implement into the game. Plus a larger company can provide more money and resources to improve the game as a whole.

  12. Great podcast! Real life has prevented me from listening until today. I really like your assessment of the MMO business very insightful.