Thursday, March 25, 2010

LORECast #7: Gondor

Alberos wraps up his 3 part series on the Kingdom of Men. In this episode the focus is on Gondor.

What would you like to hear in the next LORECast segment? Leave a reply to the show notes with your suggestion.



  1. Nice job, I really like these mini lore-lessions :)
    It would be cool with one or more about the dwarves - their history, origin and "current" situation in Middle-Earth, specially Thorin's line!

  2. Great work, I really enjoyed the LORECasts.

    Next topics? Well, I would suggest you give a shot at explaining lore background to some of the places/persons we see in the game. For example, origins of Bree and it's people(s), history of Moria, who is Elrond exactly and so on.

  3. Very nice podcast. I admit I began to feel drowsy during the Recitation of the Kings, but I really appreciate the time you put into these LOREcasts, so thank you!!
    -Danuolios on Brandywine server