Monday, December 14, 2009

LOTROCast To Interview Orion

Greetings, fellow members of the LOTRO Community! I'm pleased to announce that LOTROCast will be continuing our series of Developer Interviews with "Orion," a member of the Lord of the Rings Online team from Turbine. We are opening up the interview questions to the community, so if you have a question you would like to ask Orion, post it in the comments section below! I can't promise all the questions will be asked and answered, but we will consider each and every one! Please post your questions by Dec. 20th to be considered.

See you in Middle-earth,



  1. 1. What inspired him to re-vamp the lone lands?
    2. He has stated that the skirmish system will most likely not be implemented in the revamp of the rest of Volume 1 & 2; but will it be used as a mechanic in future volumes?
    3. Does he have a time table for when we can expect to see the revamp of Volume 1? What about Volume 2 chapters 1-8? What about the revamp of the North Downs?
    4. What's his favorite type of food?
    5. Does he play lotro for fun? If so, what classes does he primarily find himself playing?
    6. Does he have any suggestions for future game programmers/developers?
    7. What language is LOTRO developed in?
    8. What server platform does LOTRO run on?
    9. How did he find himself working at Turbine?
    10. Pirate or Ninja?

  2. Oh and Belamanth would like to know why is remove poison the only heal spell where you have to look the right way?

  3. How does the new CU really affect our durability and consequently our repair costs? Any changes to durability or mobs in the near future?

    With the scroll of delving, we get to advance a LI to lvl 70. Will we see more scrolls of a similar nature that will allow us to upgrade the level AND stats so that we can keep the same legendary item current?

    Will old instances/raids (first question in original thread) be retrofitted/rescaled with higher lvl mobs and rewards - either through skirmishes or other revamps?