Monday, December 14, 2009

Apologies and Good News!

First, I suppose an apology is in order for my dropping off the face of the Earth for two weeks. The truth is that we recorded our episode on time last week, but when I went to edit it (twice) the program crashed right as I was exporting (twice). I tried a third time, this time saving my progress at the end...and of course the program crashed as I was saving it. In other words, I've edited this program three seperate times and am pretty sick of listening to it, lol. It's kinda like when you're working on a Word Document that vanishes just as you finish it because it hasn't been saved. Times three. I'll get the episode out the door in another day or two, I promise :-)

Now for the good news!

We're going to be interviewing Orion from Turbine next week! Look for details in the following post!

See you in Middle-earth,


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