Saturday, October 17, 2009

Episode 015: Developer Diaries and the End of Days Shownotes

Hello, all!

Episode 015 of LOTROCast is now live. You can find us on the Zune Marketplace, iTunes, and you will be able to direct download the episode from the toolbar on the right once it has updated.

In this episode of LOTROCast: The Lord of the Rings Online Podcast, discussion between hosts Alberos and Moormur starts off talking about the ins and outs of Siege of Mirkwood Developer Diaries, but twists and turns its way past speculation on future expansions until it rests on talk about the End of Days in Middle Earth.

Turbine is sponsoring a Pumpkin Carving contest! If you want to give it a shot, Turbine has all sorts of information on the contest here.

You can see a highly entertaining collection of 'rejected pumpkin designs' here.

The fall festival, Harvestmath, is live on the servers and will run for a few weeks. Explore what the festival has to offer, but if you want a basic list of events check out this link.

There are a ton of Developer Diaries out right now, including one that snuck in after we recorded.

You can find links to the dev diaries on Mounts, Skirmishes, and Shared Vault space in an earlier LOTROCast set of shownotes here.

The newer dev diaries are a lengthy one about Legendary Items, and two more about Skirmishes; one covering how the skirmishes are meant to be story driven, and one about the challenges and technology behind scaleable instances. I'm sure we'll talk about the new diary next episode...only to be pre-empted yet again by another new dev diary :-).

On a side note, stay tuned for an exciting little development we're bringing to LOTROCast in the next week or so.


  1. Another excellent production with a wealth of intelligently thought out comment and some great speculation on future directions for the game. Worth listening to more than once there is that much information here. Great work once again Moormur and Alberos!

  2. From what I understand the scroll that raises the tier of a legacy just rasises it from say tier 4 to 5. And the bonus to it being a higher tier is that it take less points to increase the legacy. For example, a tier 4 legacy may take 5, 8, 15 points to level up three levels. where as a that legacy as tier 5 only costs 4, 6, 12 for the same levels. I hope that makes sense.

  3. That makes perfect sense! Thanks for the response!


  4. Also, high Tier legacies appear to have higher caps. For example, I had a 3A Loremaster book that I'd maxed Tier 5 Target Fire Resistance to Rank 9. At cap, it reduced by -860. Recently I found a 3A book with Tier 6 Target Fire Resistance. When I raised it to Rank 9, it was rated somewhere in the -900's.

    I can provide comparison screenshots, if it would be helpful.