Wednesday, March 11, 2009

LOTROCast Call for Submissions

Hello, everyone!

For some of the upcoming episodes, I am looking for some listener contribution.

I am looking specifically for two things:

1. Things you wished you knew when you were level 5.

I'm looking for one or two sentences pieces of advice from players to pass on to new players. Little tricks like the fact that you can 'link' an item by dragging it into the chat box, etc. that would have made life that much easier back in the early days.

2. Pictures!

I am looking to expand a little in the form of the Podcast, and I am looking for photo submissions. I am looking more for pictures of scenery and combat, but if you submit a picture of just you and some friends I will consider it too. Send these submissions in the form of links.

If you have a submission for either of these, please feel free to send them on to me at the LOTROCast email address,!

Thanks so much!



  1. I have some shots I took while playing at that you're welcome to use for anything you like.

  2. Tip #1

    -Delete key is "target nearest usable object", lets you look for things you have to pick up off the ground. If you target it and can't see it, /follow and you'll actually walk directly to the item you have targeted

    Tip #2

    -sometimes you dont have enough time to read what a buff or debuff does. Well, targeting ANYTHING in game that has a tool tip, you can press H to make a tool tip that will stay on your screen until you click it off

  3. I agree with Rick above; the delete key would have been wonderful to know about, especially in conjunction with the combat option, "Selection Directional Indicator."

  4. Ctrl \ allows you to to change the layout of the UI... I spent ages trying to figure out how to move things, so that I could find things more easily. Also, locking the toolbar UI, so that you can't accidentally drag icons out, swap them, or generally cause confusion. (Maliosi of Ellendilmir)

  5. I post all my screenshots to my photobucket account, which is public. You can use any of the shots there although I'd like the credit for the shot.

  6. You're welcome to use any of the screens I have.