Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Episode 4 -- PvP Shownotes

Its episode time again! Welcome everyone to the fourth episode of LOTROCast: the Lord of the Rings Online Podcast. There is a lot of show in this episode. If you wish to access it, you can find LOTROCast on iTunes (Mine is the one with the author listed as Moormur), the Zune Marketplace, or right here at the official feed.

I apologize for my voice…it has been raw as of late. I sound weird (at least I think I do) in some of the segments but there ain’t much we can do about that. I also am very aware of how long the episode is, so feel free to listen to this episode in several sittings. There are plenty of good stopping points so, just like the game, don’t rush it! I know it is a lot of content, but I put even MORE work into it and I think it is good content. I don’t forsee another episode this long for a while…it just happened that a lot things all happened at the same time that I felt should be included.

Also, this will be the last episode that I record with my old microphone and software, meaning we will have a nice upgrade in the sound quality in future episodes. With the new wind shield, there should be less popping and overbearing breathing, but alas that is not until the next episode. Patience! Better sound will come.

Like I said, there is a TON of information in the show today. To make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of language, a “Creep” is a player who is on monster play and a “freep” is a player on their normal character. Also, CONTRARY TO WHAT I SAY IN THE EPISODE, PvMP stands for Player Versus Monster Player. Thanks to Rugzug and Maldur for the discussion.

Special thanks to Tookwell for turning my attention to the song that started this episode!

On to the content…

You can find the story about the flight of Coco the Chicken at my my.lotro here.

Book 7 is out! You can find the full patchnotes here.

I URGE that if you have differing opinions on how the patch notes will affect the game, that you contact me (although I do not respond to insults and flames).

If you are at all interested in the Player Music System, there are a few resources I would recommend. First of all, Bards of a Feather has a wonderful collection of solo and multi-part .abc files, as well as instructions for setting up the music files, playing the music files solo, and synchronizing parts so you can create some wonderful melodies. You can find their website here. You can also find a spectacular amount of .abc files at the Fat Lute, found here. Recently, I started a discussion thread in the official LOTRO forum about the music system. Not only do some other players list some additional resources, but if you have a thought or experience you would like to share you can feel free to post it here.

A video of the song they performed will be posted by me as soon as I get it edited.

For info on the Element Zero Hide and Go Seek game on the Snowbourn server, take a look here.

To find out more about the Brandywine Serverwide Scavanger Hunt, check out the official event posting here.

You can take a look at the PvP forums here.

I am still taking submissions for “Things you wish you knew when you were level 5.” You can either send them via email to, or you can send them as an MP3 attachment to the same address!

Looking ahead, the next episode will have two focuses: it will have a segment that is a sort of new-player tips and tricks section, with a short piece on the newly redesigned starter areas. It will also have a focus on the Lore Master.


  1. How coincidental that I just did a short blog entry on LOTRO's in-game music system, and then the next day your podcast is posted and you also provide coverage. The stars and planets must aligned just so... :)

  2. Yes, you can get the podcast in MP3 format. They are all published in MP3 format as a feed, but if you want a specific episode you can find them in the RSS feed page at You don't need a special viewer or program to view them there, just an internet browser. If that doesn't work, let me know and I can email an episode to you as an attachment.


  3. I'd recommend putting links in each show notes post you make for users to get the individual MP3's. Some people don't use players that deal with RSS feeds for podcasts, and... a lot of people probably just don't know what a feed is or what to do with it.

    I've been through the first 3 shows now, great job so far. I'll catch up on #4 tomorrow during my walk!

  4. Definitely the greatest lotro podcast since lotro radio! Will listen every show - how about Achazia as a guest? She's the leader of The Shades band (Laurelin European server) and very friendly. She can be contacted on Ths Shadows forum (confusingly hosted at moxguild) :)

  5. Can you tell me which is the music track that plays in the beggining of the episode? Thank you :)

  6. James, if you give me some contact info on Achazia, I can consider it for an upcoming episode.

    PNJ, I'm not sure what te name of the track is, but I am pretty sure it isn't on the soundtrack. I went into the trollshaws and captured the sound. If you email me at the lotrocast email address, I can attach the MP3 file for you.

    Dangit. The H key on my laptop just came off.

  7. I was sure I posted a comment here. But I might not of any way over at the One True Cast we did an interview with the shades as one of our very first shows (Abergar and Morosi)we also interviewed Achazia and Abergar on show 12.