Sunday, February 28, 2010

Episode 21 - Alberos solos Volume 3 Book 1

In this episode Alberos takes on the soon to be released Volume 3 Book 1 - Oath of the Rangers. Alberos does a dive into the developer diaries which can be found at . Topics include the soloability of Volume 1 (Shadows of Angmar), new changes to crafting, updates to skirmishes and new level 64 skills for all classes.

Alberos also announces his 'vacation' from WoW and the starting of his blog (Alberos's Journey).

Alberos's blog can be found at


  1. Nice Podcast! I did not get a lot of time to be in game last night so I am a little mixed on the new patch. I'll probably have more input once I experience more of the patch updates.

    All in all a nice podcast I really appreciate you keeping us updated with the new changes. I want Lorecast Part 3!

  2. Ditto... Great to see the Podcast moving forwards, and props to Alberos for keeping it going with lots of detailed info. One suggestion though... Might want to break it up so that it doesn't come across as one long speech. Just a bit of music, or segments, or something like that to keep it lively. Otherwise, nice work and I'll be looking forward to more to come.

  3. Brian and Anon....thanks for the feeback and suggestions. I will try to break up the podcast a little more. Each time I do one of these I learn something Thanks again


  4. Stellar job holding down the fort in the absence of Moormur!

    I'm new to LOTRO. In fact, I started listening to the archived episodes before purchasing the game as a way of educating myself on concepts and mechanics.

    I've been adventuring in Middle Earth for 2 days now with a Dwarf Champion, and the experience has been incredible. I do however have a couple questions for LOTROCast:

    01. Do you have any tips or strategy concerning the storyline, quests, deeds, crafting, etc.; that is, in your experience, how best can I keep all these things aligned as I progress? Which of these things can/should I skip now, but return to at higher levels w/o too much of a grind-fest?

    02. I currently have my main slated to be an Explorer to ensure (according to my research) a rather steady stream of income. Do you think this is a good, first profession?

    Thank you for all the nifty info tid-bits and merry questing to all.

    Seattle, WA

  5. Hey, great podcast!

    I just finished up book 1 of vol 3. Love it! I have always been very grateful to Turbine for staying in line with lore. When I heard about concept of reuniting the rangers I was stoked!

    Ive been playing since open beta and I'm still just as interested in the content as when I started.