Monday, November 2, 2009

Introducing LoreCast: Episode 001 - Ronald Dwale

Greetings, Listeners!

As you know, lore plays a hugely important part in Lord of the Rings and, subsequently, LOTRO. There are so many hidden gems and allusions to massive, intricate histories sprinkled around the game. Alberos and I wanted to take some time and share some of the topics of interest to us with all of you, so we created what we are now calling "LoreCasts." We'll be talking about a better name in the episode next week, but that's what we've got for now. The purpose of these LoreCasts is to produce short, 4-8 minute 'popcorn' podcasts that give you a taste of the story behind something in the world. We've got a couple of great topics lined up ranging from the Rangers to Gollum, and as always we are open to any suggetions you may have.

To kick off the series, we travel north from Hobbiton to Overhill, taking a left at Brockenborings and heading north into the very southernmost reaches of Evendim, to the farthest reachings of Hobbit dwellings. Living among these hobbits is a rather distinguished gentleman named Ronald Dwale. In this first LoreCast we take a look at Dwale and talk about just why he is such an important figure.


See you in Middle-Earth,



  1. I really enjoyed this! I hope you continue to produce these mini casts. I find it super fun!

  2. Goldenstar
    Thanks for your feedback. Moormur thought this would be a great way for us to hit some topics that might be fun for the listener without making our shows even longer than they already are. Do you have any topics you'd like to suggest?