Friday, February 6, 2009

Episode 1 -- Pilot Shownotes

Welcome to LOTROCast, the Lord of the Rings Online Podcast.

You can find the episode here. You can also subscribe to the LOTROCast feed here. Just pick your favorite podcast program (mine is Zune) and copy/paste the URL into it.

Please, please, please comment on what you hear. Please comment if you want to contribute or if you have ideas for the following shows. I have the next two or three episodes in production already, but new ideas are ALWAYS apprecieated.


Here is the story at about general growth in the MMORPG industry, including LOTRO and WoW.

Here is Rugzug's idea for a Creep NPC area. I will have a full episode on PvP comming soon.

Here are some details about the weekly PvP events on the Windfola server.

And here the Watcher breaks out of solitary confinement and rampages through the 21st Hall.

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